Monthly Report #1 (March 2015)

Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 1:47am : General : News

Hey guys, I'm going to be doing a Blog Series called "Monthly Report". What's the point? To keep you guys posted on the latest events and major updates in the organization. 

*Disclaimer - Some events are not in chronological order. #Kappa


Let's get started!

* In the middle of the month we decided to branch into Smite and grow their esport community as we grow together. We also picked LeviathanGG as Smite Captain.

* We got a new sponsor, TeamSpeak

* TeamSpeak also gave us a server for the public. Use it for whatever you want! (

* We gained close to 300 new followers on Twitter. ( )

* XpulsionGaming got a new rebrand! We already had an awesome logo, but we decided to spice it up. You'll be seeing our logo around a lot more soon..

* This month we officially announced our new website and new domain name! 

* We officially signed @XpulsionJabber as captain of our COD Team.

* XpulsionGaming also announced our League of Legends team, led by @XpulsionCharkz, the team will be attending the G-Lan in Ireland! 

* We have apparel in the making as well with GamersApparel! be on the look out!


All in all, this has been the most successful month for XpulsionGaming and April of 2015 will be just as good. I appreciate all who view this and please note, I may of missed some key updates this month, but it's all good. Right?


#TeamXpulsion #RatedRed 





Guillermo Mendoza

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